Why Washington County

Washington County has a wide range of development and housing opportunities; from older, fully- developed communities like Newport and Oakdale to rapidly changing cities like Woodbury and Hugo to quiet rural area towns like Scandia and Lakeland. Home to nearly a quarter-million people on the eastern edge of the Twin Cities metro area, Washington County has doubled in size in the last 30 years and is projected to add another 84,000 people in the next 20 years.


This population growth is fueling strong demand for additional housing, especially for affordable, general occupancy workforce housing. In that area alone, we anticipate a need for 3,600 more units by 2030. This growth has also reinvigorated older communities to take on major redevelopment initiatives that spur housing and commercial development opportunities.


Our project management team has an enviable track record of building coalitions and finding both the political and financial will to make affordable housing happen. We can assist these efforts to help communities achieve their development goals in the following ways:


  • Allocation of Low Income Housing Tax Credits to help fund the construction or rehabilitation of affordable housing
  • Provide low-interest gap financing from our GROW fund
  • Provide technical assistance with project site selection and financing


You can read more about these and other financing tools here.