What We Do

Every few years, we sit down with community members and other stakeholders. The purpose? Renewing and clarifying our vision. How have our communities changed? What needs can be better addressed? How do we best help our communities to grow and thrive?

As a result of that process, we review and redefine our goals; statements that direct our work toward those priorities identified by our communities as important to their prosperity.
We’d like to share those goals with you.

Balance our housing supply by increasing choices for residents. Whether addressing housing affordability for those who work in Washington County, providing seniors with tools to stay in their homes longer, or creating housing stability for young families so their kids can focus on school, Washington County needs a range of housing options for people of all income levels.

Bolster community vitality through redevelopment. All communities have older buildings – homes, restaurants, industrial buildings – that have fallen into disrepair. Some just a little extra attention and care to give them new purpose for the future. Other locations provide opportunities for new visions to spring forth. We’ll partner with local leaders to obtain financing and revenue sources to make these sites shine once again.

Help seniors to stay in the communities they love. Seniors are an amazing resource for our communities. They anchor our families. They volunteer their time. They allow us to learn from their wisdom. But aging comes with challenges. Sometimes it means maintaining a family home after a spouse passes away, or modifying that home to make it safer to live in. And sometimes it means giving seniors affordable options to relocate if they’re ready to downsize or simply want a more social environment in which to live. We’ll work to give seniors safe and affordable choices so they can spend their golden years close to their families.

Coordinate federal resources to help communities grow. Whether it’s building housing, creating spaces for people to congregate, or fighting homelessness, the federal government provides support to assist communities with projects that improve their quality of life. We’ll facilitate the selection of projects that will create the greatest impact for our residents.

Provide strategic assistance to enhance economic development efforts. Housing is a cornerstone of economic development. Quality, safe housing that is affordable to a wide range of workers is a necessary component for companies looking to relocate or grow their businesses.  We’ll team with other units of government to make sure those needs are being met.

Lend a hand to homeowners who want to make their homes safer and healthier. Through programs like our low-interest loans for septic repair, we’re providing assistance to homeowners that want to clean up their properties, and in turn, our communities. We’ll continue to explore other tools that can help homeowners contribute to the vitality of their neighborhoods.

In all things, sustainability. It’s important for all government agencies to be good stewards of taxpayer money. We’re working every day to spend smarter, stretch your dollars further, and make sure we’re maximizing the revenue we can capture through non-tax sources like grants and program fees. We’ll build a solid financial foundation as the key to everything we do.

Make sure our residents know who we are and what we do. Our goal is to serve humbly but make sure that you can identify our successes and know where to find us if you need help. Whether it’s hosting housing and development forums for local leaders, or letting your local papers and newsletters know what we’re up to in your area, we’ll make sure you’re informed.

Cultivate our resources from within. In an increasingly competitive sector, retaining great employees is essential to our success. By looking forward and anticipating the needs of our growing communities, we can provide appropriate education and professional development opportunities for our staff. We'll create more skilled employees who are better able to serve you.