Two Rivers Community Land Trust

If you’re looking for an affordable home in Washington County, the Two Rivers Community Land Trust can provide you with many of the benefits of homeownership in a model that allows you to build equity while ensuring the affordability of the home for years to come.


How does a community land trust work?

Community land trusts, or CLTs, develop housing through renovation or new construction and sell the homes to low- to moderate-income families. The CLT leases the land to the families, who agree to restrictions on how the house can be sold in the future. As a result, CLTs are able to produce high-quality affordable housing and keep it affordable for future generations. There are more than 5,000 CLT properties in over 150 communities across the nation.


Who owns what?

The CLT owns the land under the home. The homebuyer purchases the house. This reduces the price by approximately 25%. Unlike condo or homeowners associations, the Two Rivers CLT charges only a $35 month to lease the land under your house.


What happens when the house is sold?

When the owner chooses to sell their home, they receive their original investment back, plus 25% of any appreciation in the value of the property. For example, if a buyer bought a $100,000 home and in five years its value increased to $140,000, the owner would agree to sell the property for $110,000. That helps keep the property affordable well into the future.


Where can I get more information on the Two Rivers CLT and homes that are available?

You can visit the Two Rivers CLT website or call 651-994-9194.