Rental Assistance

The Washington County CDA provides help with housing costs to 650 families through a variety of state and federal rental assistance programs.


The programs we operate are listed below. For programs that are accepting applicants, we’ve indicated how to apply or ask questions. If a program you’re interested in is not accepting applicants, know that we will update this page should that change. There is no need to call unless you see that a waiting list is open.



Public Housing

The Washington County CDA operates 105 townhomes, single-family homes, and apartment units throughout the county. Families or individuals that qualify pay up to 30% of their adjusted monthly income for rent.


Eligibility: Based on income. When an applicant reaches the top of the waiting list, there is a final qualification procedure including a credit check, criminal background check, and a review of rental references.


Transferability: Because assistance is tied to the unit and not to the renter, this type of assistance can’t be transferred. If a participant moves, they lose their assistance.


Availability: Waiting lists for one-bedroom units were last opened in August 2015. All waiting lists are currently closed. Lists will remain closed until the estimated waiting time for a unit is less than 24 months.

Shelter Plus Care Program (S + C)

The Shelter Plus Care program is a federally-funded program for homeless persons diagnosed with chronic substance abuse or persistent mental illness.


Eligibility: Based on income. Requires acceptance to and adherence to a treatment program.


Transferability: This program qualifies you for assistance in a specific unit at a specific location. Assistance is not transferable.


Availability: None at this time. Please contact Canvas Health at 651-251-5046 for more information.



The Bridges program provides temporary housing for individuals and families of individuals who have a serious and persistent mental illness. Participants pay up to 40% of their gross monthly income for rent and the CDA pays a portion of the rent.


Eligibility: Based on income. Participants must be diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness.


Availability: None at this time. The waiting list is closed.



Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8)

Housing choice vouchers assist the tenant in renting a unit from a private landlord. The unit must be affordable and the rent must be reasonable for the area. Once the unit has been approved, the tenant will pay a portion of rent up to 40 percent of their income.


Eligibility: Based on income. Applicants must not have been involved in illegal drug or violent criminal activity within the last five years. 


Transferability: This type of assistance is transferable. It is assigned to the tenant and moves with the tenant so long as the tenant remains income eligible and has not violated any program rules.  

Availability: None at this time. The waiting list is closed.

Information for current HCV recipients:
Fair Market Rents and Payment Standards for Housing Choice Voucher Recipients, and Frequently Asked Questions
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