Red Rock Crossing

The construction of Red Rock Square in Newport is underway. Adjacent to the Newport Transit Station, Red Rock Square will provide 44 two and three bedroom units of workforce housing, which is in high demand throughout the metro area. Workforce housing is intended to help meet the housing needs of families with moderate incomes (usually 60-120% of the median income) who cannot afford the higher-than-average rents of the metropolitan areas in which they live. In many metro area communities, average two-bedroom rents now exceed $1,600 a month. Three-bedroom units are even more costly, and difficult to find because most developers focus on one and two bedroom units.

Rents for two-bedroom units are set at $875-895 per month, and three-bedrooms are priced at $995-1,040 per month. please click here for additional news, including contact information for prospective renters.

Additional information about the entire Red Rock Crossing development plan can be found below.

Red Rock Crossing brochure front
Red Rock Crossing brochure back
The Red Rock Crossing development is a part of a greater plan to expand bus rapid transit or light rail from Saint Paul to Hastings. For more information on those plans, please visit the Red Rock Corridor website.