“I no longer have to haul my own water.”

Max had been homeless for 20+ years, living in “hooches” which he built himself using salvaged wood and other discarded building material.  He’d sometimes have electricity, carpeting, a bed and even a window.  He always kept his surroundings and living space clean, so when people walked by he would remain unnoticed.

With intermittent stays in shelters, Max seemed to always end up in his own hooch.   Three years ago, through coordinated efforts of a shelter advocate and Canvas Health, Max moved into his own apartment.  He had a permanent place to live where there are “lots of things to do in the building and good support”.

When asked what his first impressions were, he stated, “I was surprised it was a brand new place, and that I was the very first person to live in that apartment.  It had a washer and dryer, stove and refrigerator and….. I no longer have to haul my own water.”