Mark and Tonya

“It feels like a ton of bricks off our shoulders.”

Mark and his wife, Tonya, bought their house 11 years ago, when they were both working full time and before their two boys came along. They managed their monthly payments well enough until Mark was laid off and his income became less predictable.


Still, they never missed a mortgage payment.


“It was a struggle, but we always made sure we were never late on the mortgage,” Mark says.


They also tried at least three times to get a loan modification. They cut their monthly expenses to the bone and resubmitted documents again and again, but all of their appeals were unsuccessful. “We went through hundreds of pages of paperwork,” Mark says. “And it always came back denied.”

“It was really stressful, for both me and my wife,” Mark says. “It was affecting our health.”

Though the appraised value of their house had plummeted since the market peak, Mark says he was committed to holding onto it. So when he saw an ad in the paper for the our homeowner services, he made an appointment with housing counselor Angie Shuppert.


“It was just very helpful,” Mark says. “Angie told us everything we needed to do.”


Angie also reviewed their refinance application before it was submitted and then resubmitted documents to their lender when needed.


Finally, Mark and Tonya received an approval, along with a $600 reduction in their monthly payment.


“It feels like a ton of bricks off our shoulders.” Mark says. “It would have been another denial story for sure, if it weren’t for (your) help.”


Instead, he and his wife are enjoying their new peace of mind.


“The stress isn’t there anymore, knowing we have the money to make the mortgage,” he says. “We can manage it now.”