"I took a tour and just loved it.”

What first impressed Jannis first about TrailSide Apartments for seniors were its amenities: underground parking, her own washer and dryer, central air, a visitor’s suite, and more.


“I took a tour and just loved it,” she says.


She enjoyed the amenities immediately, but, after living there a year, she learned that what makes it truly special is the community.


“It’s just wonderful,” she says.


“There’s a nice community room. Every day, we sit and have coffee, sit and visit, play cards. It’s wonderful. I’ve met so many nice people.”

Jannis believes this sense of community is built right into the building’s design.


“I lived in a different apartment building for 20 years and another place for 10 years before that, but it was nothing like this. They were just buildings where everyone had their own separate space.”


“Here, there’s the community space and the activities room. There’s always someone to talk to, but you can always be in your own apartment if want to. You really get to know people.”


Jannis spent several months on the waiting list before she received a call, but it was worth it.


“It’s just hard to describe how different it is,” Jannis says. “I just love it.”