A Good, Safe Place to Live

To help new Minnesotans understand their rights and responsibilities as tenants, Twin Cities PBS (TPT) program "ECHO" produced a short video in five languages, covering the basics of tenant and landlord rights and obligations. 

The program, "A Good, Safe Place to Live," was developed in collaboration with more than fifteen community and government partners. These include housing and redevelopment authorities like the Washington County CDA, community development agencies from the seven-county metro area, legal aid organizations, state housing authorities and others.

The goal is to equip our neighbors with basic knowledge of the laws that protect them, around discrimination, home safety and potentially predatory landlords. But it’s also to teach them to be good tenants by keeping a clean home, reporting problems and paying rent on time.

The video below is in English, but is also available in Somali, Karen, Spanish, and Hmong.

You have the right to live anywhere you want to, as long as you can afford the rent and honor the terms of the lease. Wherever you choose to live, you have both rights and responsibilities, and so does your landlord. If both tenant and landlord follow the rules and do the right thing, a rented house or apartment becomes a safe and friendly place for you and your family to live. Help is available to find affordable housing or solve housing problems.